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  • Peace Leaders is a completely youth-driven programme. We are a diverse group of young professionals who believe in the capacity of youth as change makers. We combine our different backgrounds and experiences in the fields of leadership, youth empowerment and communication in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.


    Get to know our team!



    Simón founded the Peace Leader programme in November 2017 as a response to the UN Security Resolution 2250. He has been at Fryshuset for five years working with prevention, disengagement and capacity building related to crime and violent extremism. He is an experienced facilitator in leadership, coaching, mediation and conflict management.



    Linda is one of our Senior Trainers. She has been working at Fryshuset for six years and has a lot of experience working with youths in different skill training programs and group processes.
    Her focus and heart lays within crime prevention – and  always with young people in focus and youths as part of the solution and included in the dialog.



    Fatma is a highly experienced communication and community liaison specialist with a wealth of practical experience working in Africa to manage projects/programmes for development, stabilisation and cooperation. Fatma has extensive experience in working with international institutions such as USAID, European Union, IGAD, FCO and UNICEF implementing national and regional projects with a focus on peacebuilding, countering and preventing violent extremism and developing community/civil society engagement. She has supported a number of civil society organisations to build their capacity in tackling violent extremism using technology, innovation and communication, including developing a Digital hub, a mobile application and tutorial videos on Preventing Violent Extremism. Fatma acted as the Deputy Chief of Party during the establishment and setting up of the IGAD Center of Excellence in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism in the Horn and East Africa region.



    Daniel Mamede is one of our Peace Leaders trainers from Brazil. He holds a law degree from UFC and a Master degree in Political Science from University of Lisbon. He is the Director of Promotion of Human Rights and Culture of the Cuca Network in Fortaleza, Brazil, and was also the Secretary General of the Municipal Council of Cultural Public Policies of Fortaleza.



    Annabella is an award-winning multimedia journalist and director from Berlin with a background in politics and psychology. She has lived and worked as a filmmaker in Europe and the Middle East  mostly reporting about conflict, politics, migration, human rights and global economy. She has a passion for directing short films and creative documentaries. Since 2017, she is working as a project and communications manager for programs focussed on preventing violent extremism through media and youth participation at Fryshuset and other international organisations.



    Shade Amao is one of our Peace Leaders trainers and is based in Stockholm. She began her journey at Fryshuset 2017, as a communications officer working with issues on how we describe the value of working preventively to create peaceful societies. Today she works with youth participation and focuses primarily on leading processes within municipalities and with spreading knowledge to decision-making actors. Shade holds a master’s degree in political science from Uppsala University and is interested in personal development and leadership. Her biggest passion though is about how to make every young individual feel important to and part of the society we live in.



    Liam is one of our Peace Leaders trainers. He is the project manager of Together for Sweden at Fryshuset, where the main focus is to create dialogue between young people with different religious, cultural, socio-economic backgrounds to counter polarization. Liam leads education, lectures and workshops to show how religion and faith can be a path to integration and a growth force for young people in the work for peace and understanding. Storytelling is one of Liam’s passions and he wants to highlight that all people have a story that is worth telling and that the story of your life should come directly from you, without intermediaries. Liam has a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science with a focus on sociology.





    Peace Leaders is an initiative of Fryshuset with local partners in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. This program is an international project founded by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thanks to all our partners who are making it possible to empower youths to become actors for peace!












    Peace Leaders is currently situated at Fryshuset in central Stockholm. Whether you’re looking for more information on our projects and activites, would like to collaborate with us, or just want to visit us, you’re more than welcome to contact us right here. We’ll respond as soon as possible!

    Peace Leaders @ Fryshuset,

    Mårtensdalsgatan 2-8

    120 30 Stockholm